Our Services

Solar Energy

We are planning for the instalation of Solar mini-power stations in Iraq and Syria. Further information will follow …

The project of 1000 sunny rooves in Karbala will start in the begining of 2020.

Wastewater Treatment

We offer a wide ragne of solutions for wastewater treatment; from consulting to application. All what you need to do is:

  • Send us the specifications of your wastewater or a sample to be analysied in our lab.
  • Share with us your expectation from the treatment (How should your wastewater after the treatment look like?).

Accordingly, we will provide you the most effective and reasonable treatment method together with an official technical offer for running the treatment from A to Z.

Green Technology Transfer

The development and transfer of green technologies to Third world countries is a key part of our mission. This is being done through training and edjucating local people and offering suitable careers to them to join our team in their countries. In case of interest to be part of our team whether as a tutor or as a trainee, please contact us.


We are pleased and proud of working with reliable partners to handle our projects.

IBB Business Team GmbH
BTU Cottbus
Boreal Light GmbH
Nvision Energy